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Oracle Along With Two-Times Winner Of America’s Cup To Launch Dutch Bid 2021

Oracle and two-time winner of America’s Cup is going to make the last-Dutch bid for entering the syndicate of Dutch sailing in the year 2021 event which is to be held in Auckland. Peter Lester, the pundit of sailing has said that a team hailing from Netherland has made an application two days back. In case they are successful, they are going to be the first Netherland’s team competing in America’s cup.

Lester mentioned that the skipper, Simeon Tienpont has bagged two America’s Cup. This means he is well aware of the game. He knows the nooks and corners pretty well. He says that someone coming from Holland has a strong foothold as they have excellent sailors and a robust marine industry.

The deadline to sign, put the stamp, and deliver the application with a price of $1.5 million was Thursday. 3 challengers have been confirmed for New Zealand in Luna Rosa of Italy, INEOS Team from the UK, and the American New York Ross Club.

Teams heading from China,US, Norway, and Italy have also applied. The applications are going to be scrutinized by Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron that will decide the bases has to be constructed on the waterfront of Auckland.

Kevin Shore bridge, the chief operating officer of New Zealand has stated that 8 challengers indicated they took an interest. According to him, some of these will not be able to make it and they do not have a strong idea of how it can pan out. However, they had been excited with the feedback and idea that they got from the new teams which begun and were competing to get America’s Cup.

Teams that had been successful in the bid has to take $1.5 million to the top of their fees for application.

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